Project History


Iron ore was discovered in the region by BHP in the late 1950s/early 1960s. Of the twenty six iron ore deposits discovered by BHP over this period, twenty are contained within the Project. Some of these deposits are likely to have been developed and mined by BHP if it had not diverted its attention to the Pilbara in Western Australia following the Mount Whaleback discovery in early 1960s.

In the period 2010 to 2012, the area was subject to renewed exploration interest and a combination of RC drilling, diamond drilling and surface trenching identified a total mineral resource of 488 Mt grading 41.6%Fe. Within this overall resource, several areas of higher grade, Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) 41.2 Mt grading 57.8 %Fe were also identified.

In 2013, a large bulk sampling operation commenced at the Area C deposit to extract approximately 400,000 t of DSO to provide confirmation of the geological interpretation and market acceptance of the iron ore produced.

During 2013 and 2014, around 275,000 t of DSO was trucked 600 km on public roads to the Port of Darwin for export.

In mid 2014, operations were suspended due to the collapse of the iron ore price, and in 2016, NTIO acquired the Project with a plan to redevelop the mining operations and establish a much lower cost logistics solution by trucking ore to a Barge Loading Facility on the coast for transhipment offshore into Ocean Going Vessels.

In 2017, a revised Project Development Plan was submitted by NTIO to the NT Government for approval.

 Bulk Sample Pit 

Bulk Sample Site Development.jpg

 Bulk Sample Site Development 

Bulk Sample Ore Crushing and Screening.j

 Bulk Sample Ore Crushing & Screening 

Bulk Sample Transport to Darwin.jpg

 Bulk Sample Transport to Darwin